Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Plush Toys

I made these cute plush toys for gifts for the holidays, for the babies in my life :)
They are all hand-sewn out of recycled fabric (old sweaters, scrap fabric, etc) and stuffed with raw cotton batting and a little sewn cloth envelope of lavender flowers.

Babies are People too

My husband and I were in Williamsburg, Brooklyn early last night for a quick dinner with our 10 month old baby, Lia.We felt like going some place new, so we wandered around looking for a spot. We window shopped in several designer baby/ kid stores, including Mini Jake, Area Kids, and Flying Squirrel, not to mention several more high end specialty baby boutiques.

With such a large number of expensive stores catering to parents, you would think more restaurants would be family friendly. We could not find a restaurant with a high chair!
We tried "Blackbird Parlour," which is fancy Americana food, you would think they would atleast have a high chair. Nope.
I can understand how the quick fast food spots don't have high chairs, but the full service restaurants? So lame!
Babies are people too and shouldn't be segregated against.
And its hard to hold them on your lap as you are trying to woof down a quick dinner.

Ok, enough of the gripe: here are places we have found that do accommodate babies.

"Mizu" on bedford close to N 7th, is a Japanese sushi place, and we have gone there twice. They are super nice and have high chairs, and the atmosphere and food are great.

We love us some "Teddy's Bar and Grill!" (at 96 barry st) We have been taking Lia with us to have brunch there since she was 2 months old.

Also in our neck of the woods, in Bushwick, we like "Northeast Kingdom" on Wyckoff and Troutman. It is a very hip spot and surprisingly baby friendly. They had highchairs, and were nice about Lia. The server was on the ball too and got us in and out without making us feel rushed, it was perfect.

We also like LA Burrito on Wilson ave. It is a quick burrito place, but they have high chairs.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lia's Halloween Costume

She was a Little Wild Thing. I made her costume out of soft fleece in buttercup, pumpkin, and medium brown. I made the hat from scratch. After sewing the lining I appliqued the patches with the crosshatch stitch. Her outfit was appliqued wild patches; stripes, spots, feet, claws, and a tail. She was very cozy and wild. :)
I am sometimes overly ambitious. Being creative is very important to me but sometimes I get ahead of myself and imagine the project so grandiose that I don't finish it. Sometimes a project can just be a project. It doesn't have to lead into anything else. There is beauty in this.